As a residential real estate broker working in New York for 12 years I rely on Karen from Home Staging Studio NY for all my staging needs. She has an aesthetic that is beyond the norm. Karen can walk into a space and understand immediately what is needed to make it sell. She is one of the most creative people I know, honest, energetic and respectful of the client and their budget. From space planning to furnishing one room or an entire home, I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Dorothy Schrager 
Senior Managing Director
Warburg Realty
New York, New York
212 300-1822
917 691 -7353


Karen from Home Staging Studio NY staged our East Hampton traditional farmhouse which we had been unable to rent. From fabrics, lighting and accessories to furniture, rugs, color selection her design sense is impeccable. No detail goes undressed and she’s consistently 100% devoted to the project. All this while keeping costs reasonable and the working relationship easy and friendly. 
Thanks to her talent and intuitive sense of style we were able to rent our house immediately after Karen staged it.
Drs. Evelyn and Paul Moschetta
East Hampton, NY
We had just spent a bundle renovating our one bedroom East Village apartment when a better job offer in another state made a move inevitable. We had a brand new kitchen and bathroom, and all the walls were freshly painted. As a design professional, in another industry, we thought I had done a great job. Unfortunately, after three months on the market, we had no offers and no apparent interest. A sympathetic friend suggested I call Karen from Home Staging Studio NY and have the house staged. Karen very clearly explained to us what needed to be done. In our case everything was fresh and new, but much too cluttered and personalized. She edited, rearranged, and accessorized. Suddenly we had a more generic residence that could accommodate any prospective buyer. Within a month we had 3 buyers to choose from. The experience left us convinced that the eye of a professional is well worth the expenditure. If I had called her earlier, she would have saved us months of anxiety. Ultimately, her service pays for itself.
Cheryl Train
New York City
I have had the opportunity to work with Karen from Home Staging Studio NY for over 5 years. On occasion, she has come to me to look for works to help accessorize her stagings. I am an art dealer and have always been amazed at Karen’s ease at analyzing projects. She is quick to find ways to improve the appearances of many different styles of environments. She has a keen sense of design and has simple and elegant solutions to enhancing spaces. I admire her incredible efficiency. She has a no-nonsense approach while remaining in tune with the client’s budget and tastes. She enjoys the challenge posed by each new project.
Laura Nagler
New York City

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